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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your question answered here-please contact us!

"Can I bring my pet?"

As much as we love animals, we unfortunately cannot allow any non ESA animals. We appreciate your understanding.

"What if I don't see a charter that fits my needs?"

Lucky for you, we are an a la carte charter! Visit our 'a la carte' menu to see what options you can add on to your cruise to make it personalized for the best experience.

"What happens if the weather is bad?"

Safety is our #1 priority. If the weather looks severe or dangerous, Captain Carter will cancel all scheduled charters. Any deposits already paid, will of course be refunded. Captain Carter will be in touch in the days leading up to the booking if there seems to be any possibility of bad weather.

"Are kids allowed?"

Children over 5 years of age are welcome on the boat, but must wear approved coast guard flotation devices at all time. 

"Does the boat have a bathroom?"

It does not. However, we will typically be within quick trips to public restrooms throughout the cruise.

"Can we bring our own food & drinks?"

You may bring your own beverages & food, even adult beverages, but we have a zero tolerance policy for drugs. If brought on board, or used during the cruise, the trip will be cancelled immediately & no refunds will be issued.

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